Andy's Coupe

Andy in Scotland owned a Honda 600 Coupe from the '70s until about 2003. After a few years of ownership he restored and modified it to a high standard.  Below are some old photos (scanned from slides) that he shared with me.  Here's the story...

After we bought it (the car was 3 years old when we got it) my wife and I drove from Scotland to Morocco following the surf in Spain and Portugal but it was always my intention to customise the car when we got back. There are a couple of shots of the car on our trip in 1975 and then work started.

I was working in a tiny garage so there wasn’t much room to store things but the car was stripped right  down to the bare shell and work began.  The rear suspension was replaced with a watts linkage and coil spring set up mainly to avoid the leaf springs sticking out of the back – check the photo, but  unfortunately there’s not a picture taken underneath.  The wheel arches were widened in steel and the front panel was made from scratch in fiberglass.

Lights were frenched in at the back but I tried to retain the original feel of the car in not going too far with the modifications.  All the paint was taken off and everything was done to ensure the bodywork was flat before spraying the candy apple base coats for the stripes and graphics.  The black was sprayed on and everything polished up.

The engine was stripped down and everything made of steel was chromed – well over 300 parts & bolts etc.  Alloy parts were bead blasted and then the chasing around started to find blue items – everything in the engine compartment is blue or black.  Sourcing a blue battery was a challenge as they a nearly all black or white!  The cylinder head was gas flowed with high lift cam and a Minnow-fish carburettor. 

Interior came next with Corbeau seats fitted and carpets trimmed in blue.  The only thing I didn’t do myself was upholster the back seat to match the fronts, I did all the welding, bodywork and spraying.  I’m not a mechanic – just an enthusiast!  Wheels are for a Mini and the company drilled them for the Honda bolt pattern.  The car was in several local car shows and I really enjoyed building it.  It took ages mainly because two kids came along and money was tight! 

I sold the car 10 years ago and don’t know anything about what happened to it.

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