Need advice in restoring your Honda 600 Coupe or Sedan?

Have you undertaken the restoration of a Honda 600 Coupe or Sedan?  Or are you just trying to get the darn thing to go (or stop)?  Do you think that it's "all up to you" and your pile of manuals to get the job done?  You would be very wrong!  Your car may be ancient, but fortunately YOU live in the 21st century.   There are literally hundreds of Coupe and Sedan owners out there that you can pose any question to RIGHT NOW.  You can be sure to get knowledgeable advice from one or more people no matter what your 600-related issue.

Where are all these people hiding, you may ask?  There are a couple of forums you can turn to.  Let me mention here that they all free and there is no commercial interest involved in any of this.

Both groups are "email-based".  They are both at yahoo groups, with well over 1,000 members between them at this writing.   You start by going to their websites.  These are listed at the bottom of this paragraph.  The way these groups and other email based groups works is as follows:  To "post" a message to the group, you send an email to the group email address.  The email server sends a copy of your email to every member of the group, including yourself.  Anyone who replies to your email will have their reply distributed in the same fashion.  In this way, everybody reads everything, and everyone learns.  In the interest of your own email organization, I recommend that you set up a separate inbox in your email reader for mail from the group(s).  There will be up to about 5 emails a day, and you don't need all that mixed up with your regular email!  You may want to keep all these emails for future reference, and it is handy to have them all in one place.   By the way, they are generally text-only, so they don't take long to receive.

OK THEN, now you know that you don't have to do this on your own.  Try out one or both of the resources above.  I guarantee that it will transform your restoration experience.

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