The following is a "reprint" of an article from Hemmings Motor News.
This article is no longer available on the HMN website
and is presented here for interested Honda 600 owners...

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1971-1972 Honda 600

When the pint-sized Honda 600 Coupe arrived in America back in the early Seventies, it looked like a Hot Wheels toy in a sea of pedal cars; it still does. Size aside, the 600 has niceties such as solid unibody construction, front disc brakes, rack-and-pinion steering and a 598cc, air-cooled, two-cylinder 36hp engine that gives the 1,312-pound coupe the ability to achieve 42 miles per gallon. Riding on tiny 10-inch wheels, it accommodates four passengers in its very cozy interior. Quick acceleration is not its forte, but oh what fun it is to drive. A two-door sedan was also made, but the cuddly coupe is the one to have. Typical Honda engineering and build quality are evident throughout, and if you can find an owner who is willing to sell, you can get one for around $3,000. The 600 is the Isetta of the Seventies, it’s just that no one has realized that yet