June, 2008: My Coupe gets new exhaust pipes

As much as I prefer to keep everything original on my Coupe, when it came to the exhaust, I had had enough. 
I was able to get an NOS muffler from Mike O'Connor; however the rest of the exhaust was a rusty mess. 
There was just no patching it, and I could find no original parts to replace it with.

I went to Hackettstown Motor Imports in Hackettstown, NJ, as they had a reputation for working on classic cars. 
They rebuilt my exhaust system (but kept the muffler), from blank stock, duplicating the shape of the original. 
I opted to exclude a silencer at the center of the pipe, though I may go back some day and have one installed.

Here are some before and after pictures taken that day...

Prepped for surgery

The old pipe, complete with patches

This tailpipe has seen better days

New pipes, bent and flared:

New pipes in place

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