Micronauts 2010

May 16, 2010 - 20+ vehicles join in a ride through Harriman State Forest and environs. 
Organized and hosted by Bruce Baker and Josh Brewer - a great day! 

Here are some photos, and a video.  I shot precious few images that are worth looking at -
shooting backwards out the window while driving doesn't always pan out!

Here's something I had never seen in my rearview mirror before that day...

Being followed

Traffic jam in Harriman Park

Stopping for the view and some repairs.  For a BIG version of this image, click on the picture below

The fabulous view from Josh's house

Micronaut vehicles assembled at Josh's house.
For a full-resolution, printable version of this image, right-click here and choose "save target as" to save a copy to your PC.

After the ride, a few Micronauts found themselves at a pub in Sloatsbourg. 
One of the Lambo's we saw earlier drove in, the owners got out, and promptly starting taking pictures of OUR vehicles.
This Lambo guy clearly made a mistake - for the price of his ride, he could of had a barn-full of REALLY cool cars!

Some video
Here is the bit of watchable video I managed to capture.  You can watch it at this size, or click on the  fullscreen button in the lower-right corner
of the video window.  (hint: if the video stops and starts a lot, pause it as it plays, go and do something else for a few minutes as it pre-loads, then play it)

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