Beware of "Confirm your identity" webpages that appear to come from Bank of America!

I recently tried to log on to my Bank of America account and was presented with the webpage pictured below.  In the past I have occasionally been asked to provide some info (generally when using a different computer than usual) but I had never seen anything like THIS.  I was using my "regular" PC when this happened.  

I chose not to fill it out.  I closed the webpage, then ran my virus application (Malwarebytes), which turned up a couple of "trojan horse" viruses.  After cleaning the files and rebooting my PC, I went to log into B of A again, and found the "usual" log-in screen -- NOT this page! 

Bottom line, a virus watched for me to log on, then presented me with this bogus page (the URL sure looks real enough).  If I had entered all this info, it would have been BAD.

Again, this page absolutely looks like it came from Bank of America.  The web address looks authentic.  In fact, I was presented this page after clicking on my usual "log in" page from B of A! 

WARNING:  I have encountered a similar page when trying to log onto my paypal account. 

The moral of this story is:  if you are asked for a LOT of information about yourself when you least expect to have to; suspect the worst.  Do a virus scan, call or email the company in question - but DON"T fill out that page!

Addendum:  A friend of mine pointed out the flaw in this page:  He says, "
The "tell" for this scam is bad English in the last field entry, "... so you can avoid answering your personal information". It's the wrong verb, should be "entering" or "providing".