Bill Colford's list of reproduced parts for the Honda 600 Coupe and Sedan

(prices subject to change)
Bill's contact info is at the bottom of this page. There are a LOT of things here; take a look!
If there is an item without a description, just write Bill and ask about it.

Honda 600 Sedan gas door pin

Honda 600 Sedan gas door stop

Honda 600 Sedan window regulator cover

Honda 600 Sedan window crank cover

Honda 600 Coupe backup light lens

Honda 600 Coupe backup light lens

Honda 600 Coupe Rear bumper covers

1971 Honda 600 Coupe rear bumper rubber bumpers

Honda 600 Coupe rear center bumper stops

Honda 600 coupe _Rear_Bumper_Stops

Honda 600 Coupe window regulator cover set

Honda 600 Coupe window crank cover

Honda 600 Sedan brake light lens bezel gaskets

Honda 600 sedan brake light lens gasket

Honda 600 coupe and sedan door pull handles


Honda 600 Coupe and Sedan Fan housing cushions


Honda 600 coupe and sedan leaf spring bumpers


Honda 600 license plate light lens


Honda 600 coupe and sedan side marker lens


Honda 600 coupe and sedan sway bar end bushings


Honda 600 coupe dome light lens


Honda 600 coupe bumper and bar stay


Honda 600 coupe interior rear view mirror base


Honda 600 Coupe windshield wiper motor cover


Honda 600 Sedan back up light lens


Honda 600 Sedan grill center damper


Honda 600 sedan grab coin pocket set


Honda 600 sedan hood bumper set


Honda 600 coupe hood bumper set


Honda 600 sedan front seat back release knob cover


Honda 600 side view mirror gasket


Honda 600 sedan jack handle hold down set


Honda 600 Coupe interior rear view mirror cover


Honda 600 sedan brake light lens set


Honda 600 coupe and sedan latch repair kit


Honda 600 sedan rear view mirror cover

Honda 600 Hondamatic Sedan brake pedal cover

Honda 600 dash pocket cover - original and repro shown here

Honda 600 interior rear view mirror stay

Honda 600 Sedan sway bar bushings

Coupe w/shield seal front
Coupe door w/stripping
Coupe Rear hatch w/stripping
Coupe Roof w/stripping
Coupe interior dome light lens
Coupe interior upholstery
Coupe side marker lens (red and amber)
Chrome molding for windshield
Sedan W/shield seal front
Sedan w/shield seal rear
Sedan door w/stripping
Sedan side w/stripping
Sedan Front Stabilizer Bushing "B"
Sedan Front Stabilizer Bushing "A"
Sedan back-up light lens
Sedan Side marker lens (amber)
Damper rubber trans sprocket
Damper rubber crankshaft sprocket
cushions for fan mounts Neoprene
Printed gaskets 9 per sheet
Head gasket
Oil Cooler Kits
Rebuilt Breaker Plate, (w/core)
High Performance Cam Chain with master link
Accelerator pump (early and late carbs)

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