Honda 600 Coupe and Sedan parts availability

There are several folks out there that are making an ongoing effort to find, gather,
and reproduce parts for the Honda 600 Sedan and Coupe. 

They each sell them through various venues, either in an ebay store, or a website, or just via email. 
Here are the notable sellers of parts for the Honda 600 Sedan and Coupe that I am aware of (in no particular order):

Miles Chappell maintains an ebay store with tons of new and used parts:, called 600 headquarters

Ray Cave (a.k.a. "Eagle-HD") also has an ebay store, called "midwest Wholesale" with plenty of used (and some new) parts.

Bill Colford has personally created a large selection of reproduced plastic and rubber parts for the Honda 600 Coupe and Sedan.  Here's the list.

Bruce Whiting runs a "Honda 600 car parts" website, where he has assembled a collection of new parts that match original Honda 600 parts.

Tim "Merciless" Mings, at his website , offers parts and does repairs.  Write or call him to discuss.

Mike O'Connor runs the Honda 600 shop website, and sells new and used parts, offers repair services, and whole cars!

Brian and Blaine Higginson have new and used parts, run a repair shop in WA and specialize in the 600.   Write them to discuss.

"Mike" has reproduced cam chain tensioners and cam chain roller guides, and sells them on ebay.

CMS in the Netherlands has a nice website that lists a lot of parts, which may or may not actually be available.  In addition, their prices can be pretty steep.  BUT if you need it and can't find it anywhere else...?   Here is their Honda 600 page.

  Lyle has reproduced the Honda 600 Coupe back seat latch support covers.

For the adventurous there are a couple of places in Japan to order parts.  Be aware that these places are catering to their home market, which is almost exclusively N and Z 360's.  Many parts will not translate to the 600.  Here's oneHere's another.  You may need an agent to buy for you.

As you can see, there's no "Moss Motors" for the Honda 600, no parts catalogs in the mail, no store to walk into to buy things off the shelf that are specific to the 600, no poorly-made new parts made in China or India to complain about, and virtually nothing from Honda itself.  Most of these sellers are individuals who are enthusiasts, just like you.

Disclaimer:  Please perform your own "due diligence" when using any information found on this page.  This list is not an endorsement of any particular item's quality, useability, or functionality.

In addition to the sellers above,
here is a list of parts known to be available from Honda,
or parts from other vehicles that are known to work with 600s. 

Please email me with info any parts you are aware of that you have confirmed to work in a Honda 600 Coupe or Sedan,
or of any parts that you have purchased from a Honda dealer.
Please tell me the part description, part #, seller, price, and any comments, as shown below.  Thanks!

Part description
Brand / Part # / original purpose
Price (approx)
Shocks  KYB 343143 GR-2 Shock
 Amazon, and others
$26 and up

Oil filter kit 15461-551-315
Honda dealers

Main fuse, 45amp
Honda dealers $1

Coupe rearview mirror bracket
Honda dealers

As you can see by the list above, I am not aware of much that Honda sells for the 600.  If you call or go to the dealer, be sure to have the part number, as listed in the parts catalog downloadable from here.  Don't let them tell you that "the part number is wrong." Also, if they still say they do not have a part, ask them to check the "vintage warehouse". 

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