Here is a bit of a webpage from Hastings Manufacturing's website. 
Please contact them to confirm the appropriateness of  their products for your application.
To see this listing in the Hastings catalog, go to this page on their site   (it may take a minute to load).

Hastings Manufacturing

USA (269) 945-2491 Fax (269) 945-4667
International (269) 945-2491 Fax (269) 945-9280


Year Model or Engine Cyl. Dia. No. Cyl. Piston Rings
Set No. Qty & Width
Comp Oil
360cc FA Eng. Model 611 67.00mm
2 2C4432 4 - 1.5mm 2 - 2.8mm
Th-1971 600cc Eng. 600 Sedan 74.00mm
2 2C9500 4 - 1.5mm 2 - 2.5mm

For further help in finding rings for your application contact Hastings Ring Engineering: 269.945.2491 or Email

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