Honda 600 Coupe (and Sedan) Links
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Although I am sure there are others out there that deserve the title,
the following folks are, at least as far as I am familiar with,
real "experts" when it comes to the Honda 600.  They all actively own and/or repair Honda 600s.
They each have either a website or email address:

Miles Chappell        Bill Colford        Mike O'Connor       Tim "Merciless" Mings

Between them, you can buy NOS parts, get questions answered,
even get work done on your 600!

Bill Colford maintains a list called the Honda 600 Roster of Owners .
I highly recommend that all Honda 600 Coupe and Sedan owners visit his site and join the roster!

Here's more on Tim Mings.

David Rich in Portland, Oregon, has owned and repaired many 600s, and has a webpage detailing his history with the car.
If you are local to him he MAY be able to assist with your restoration issues, or,
he will likely refer you to B&B Automotive , in Washougal, Washington, just outside of Portland. 

There are two Honda 600 Sedan and Coupe interest groups on Yahoo. 
Between these two groups, there are over 800 Honda 600 sedan and coupe owners.
If you own a Honda 600, need advice on any aspect of owning or maintaining it,
or are just considering buying one, you really owe it to yourself to join one or more
of these groups.  They are, of course, free to join.

Misc Parts Links:
Piston Rings:  It turns out that one can buy piston rings new, but not from Honda.  See them here.

There is only a relatively small (but growing) number of sites that discuss the Honda 600 Coupe and Sedan. 
Here are just a few - more to come...   If you know of a site that you feel belongs on this list, email me.

    Some guy in Australia is reviving a Z360 Coupe (if this is you, please write me!)
    Scott King has the whole set of 600s: S, N and Z
    A "barn find" in England!  Tony in Great Britian found a Z600 that has been sitting undisturbed for 20 years.
         Tony has created a website to document it's restoration.
    Fernando posted a massive collection of photos and information of all sorts on a Spanish-language message board -
         Here is a (poorly) translated version of the page.  (It will take a few moments to load).
    Quentin in New Zealand has a nice collection...
    James in New Zealand has built up a really nice N360
    Hemmings Motor News featured the Coupe in 2003.  Take a look at what they had to say. posted a nice historical article on the Honda 600 here.   Hey, does that Coupe look familiar?
    If you think the Honda 600 belongs in a museum, you're right.
    A page from Bill Colford's old site with Coupe production specs, etc
    Another page from Bill's site - more production specs
    A new site by another enthusiast on the Honda 600 list - specs, parts for sale, etc.
    Maikel in the Netherlands has got a nice pop orange Coupe (link to translated site)

    Wanna buy a vintage Japanese car direct from Japan?  Take a look here.

Japanese Pages:
Here are some pages that are actually in Japanese, but the links below should give you translated versions -
translated on the fly by babelfish

Be aware that the page that you click on may take a moment to appear, as it is being translated "live" by babelfish.
Also, use your BACK button to return to this page.

Japanese Page #1
The "N & Z Racing Sports Club"
The Honda 360 Enjoy Club - Click on the "H"s to move to other pages
Honda N360 pictures
Color chart for Honda 360s and 600s.  Not sure if these colors relate to colors used outside of Japan.
The Honda Room - vast numbers of links to other Japanese language Honda sites - good luck!
Specs and pictures of the cool little Honda TN360 truck