Warning: If your Honda 600 Coupe or Sedan sounds like this, you may want to investigate...

Late in 2003, my engine developed a nasty sound, that could be heard loud and clear whenever my foot was on the gas. 
I had only owned my Coupe for six months or so at the time, so it was particularly dismaying.
I figured that possible reasons for the sound were:

- It's just noisy
- chain slap
- incorrect valve clearances
- bent rod
- other unknown problem
I made sure that the fan and heat shields are tight; nothing was loose.

I recorded the sound of the engine. 
At the time of the recording I was driving 30mph in 3rd gear.
The first two seconds is with my foot on the gas.
The second two seconds is with my foot off the gas.
Please download the sound here, then play it in a loop to listen to it.

Here is another recording of my Coupe, going from a standing start to fourth gear,
ending in fourth gear at about 3500 rpm. 

Even now (July 2006) I don't know what the real culprit was, but I have some ideas.  Go to this page to read on...

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