The Engine Swap

October, 2003:
I took my Coupe around the neighborhood for "one more ride" to assess the sound I have been hearing for some time.  About a mile from home, the sound went from what I had been hearing to a hellacious BANGBANGBANGBANG ... obviously something had "let loose" inside.   The consensus at the Honda groups is that a rod broke.  Of course this means that other things are probably trashed as well.  Thanks to AAA, I got the Coupe home without further incident. 

It will be necessary to take the engine out, take it apart and see what bits fall out of it.  I was going to do that anyway, and literally days before the "last ride", I bought a recently-rebuilt engine from a Honda group listmember.  It's a sedan engine, and as such does not have a place to attach the tach, but I will deal with that challenge after I get it in the Coupe and running.

December, 2003:
So far I have done nothing more than remove the exhaust header and heat exchanger from the "new" engine, get them sandblasted and paint them with a hi-temp black paint.  Seeing as it is 30 degrees in my garage and icy outside, things are going to move slowly for a while.  I have received much good advice from the groups and hope to implement the plans soon.  If you have a honda 600 coupe or sedan engine-swap story, warning, bit of advice or suggestion, by all means, email me! 

March, 2004:
After a long winter of waiting I got a few days of decent weather.  Using chapter 3 of the Coupe manual (downloadable here) and Bill Colford's tips pages (found here), I got the engine out.  I wanted to take pictures to document the event as it happened, but underestimated the difficulty of handling a digital still camera while covered in 32 years of engine grime!  Here is the Coupe after the fact - and yes, more snow fell since that day.  Maybe in a few weeks I can resume...

May, 2004:
Ready for install - waiting to borrow the neighbor's hoist...

June 2004:
The engine, installed and running!

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