The pages below are random bits of trivia from my near and distant past, not related to the Honda 600 Coupe in any way!
They are linked to here mainly so google will be sure to catalog them.

High School of Art & Design film class
Working on the 40th floor of WR Grace and Co in 1976.
The stagehand song
Some info about the rare Canon Cine 8S 8mm Movie Camera
Here is hardware for a pre-1972 Sunfish sailboat rudder
A panaramic view of the 2006 DC Comics Booth at the San Diego Convention Center
Having trouble reaching the web hosting company  Here is a number for you.
Here are manuals for Audio Visual Laboratories (AVL) multi image slide show computers
Various things for sale, by me and others.
Check out the latest on the Miami art scene
A small assortment of BMW 700 and NSU parts for sale
Swedish, Norweigan and other Scandinavian households will appreciate this Tomten poster, which makes a great Christmas decoration.
Beware of "Confirm your identity" webpages that appear to come from Bank of America (but do not!)

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