Honda 600 Coupe Wiring Diagram

Here is the Honda 600 Coupe wiring diagram, scanned from the shop manual, scaled to print out in various sizes. 
Depending on the one you select, it will print as 1, 2, 4, or 8 pages in size. 
The multipage scans are set up with overlaps, so you will have to do a little trimming, line up the pages and assemble them. 
I recommend rubber cement to connect the parts.  The bigger versions are suitable for framing!
If you want to print out the diagram in a large format but want it on a single sheet, download the one page version and bring the file to Kinkos.

One page
very hi-res
over 12,000 pixels across
can be printed on one page
or large format

Two pages - roughly 11x16
Four Pages - roughly 16x20 Eight pages - roughly 20x30

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