Honda 600 Coupe and Sedan Tech Pages

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Sloppy steering?  Here is a definitive guide to rebuilding your steering rack.

Fan belt pulley going bad, or entirely locked up?  Here's how to replace it's bearing.

Have to pull the engine?
here's a step by step.

The cam chain is a crucial component that has a bad habit of stretching over time, which will wreak havoc with your timing.  Here is a troubleshooting guide that you NEED to see!
cam chain
Is your point breaker plate rattling around on it's shaft?  Not good.  Here's a way to fix it.

Windows not going up and down so well?  It could be that the plastic wheels that guide the window lift have crumbled away.  Here's how to fabricate new ones.
Honda 600 window guide wheel
Here a repair kit for a broken latch on your Coupe's hatch or your Sedans trunk!

If the interior rear view mirror in your Honda 600 Coupe has disintegrated, and you are replacing it with one of Bill C's repros, here's some info on how to install it.

If you have developed a technique for a Honda 600 repair and would like to publish it here, write me and let me know about it.
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