Steve's Honda 600 Coupe

Welcome to my Honda 600 Coupe Site!
I hope these pages serve to further the hobby of
keeping these cars on the road - there are too few of them left as it is!

WOW.  Two Coupes in the same place at the same time.  I must confess that is a new one, for me at least.
It happened at the "Micronauts 2010" gathering - May 16, 2010.  Click on the picture below to see more.

Here is a collection of documents pertaining to the Coupe and Sedan.
There are manuals, parts catalogs, service bulletins, magazine articles, advertisements - whatever I come across.

Are you trying to fix or restore your Honda 600 Coupe or Sedan on your own?  Read this.

April, 2011: I showed my Coupe at the biggest show ever, the New York International Auto show!

Are you looking for parts for your Honda 600 Coupe or Sedan?   Or, do you know of a source
of new, NOS, used, reproduced or "cross-referenced" parts?  Here is a list of parts and parts providers, developed by fellow owners.
(this list will grow as time goes on)

Go beyond the service manuals with this collection of technical how-to's, on a variety of important maintenence projects.

Are you considering buying a Honda 600 Coupe or Sedan that has been sitting for years?  Take a look here.

Are you wondering just how much your Honda 600 Coupe or Sedan is worth?  Here is a place to start.

Here are links to other Honda 600 sites and resources

Here is a gallery of Honda 600 photos.  Zs and Ns and Ss - oh my!

Here's a short history of the Honda 600 in the USA

May 2010: I joined fellow "Micronauts" on a drive through Harriman State Forest in NY

Take a look here to download a Honda 600 screensaver!

Looking to buy a Honda 600 Coupe or Sedan?  Here is what is being offered on eBay right now.
You can also search nationwide from this link
(note that these searches may not display every 600 for sale)

Honda 600s have been seen in the movies and on TV

Here is a collection of youtube videos that feature the Honda 600 Coupe and Sedan

Believe it or not, a Honda 600 Coupe was in the running at the 1972 Cannonball Run!

On occasion I will attempt to repair / fix / tweak / etc my Coupe. 
Here are some pages that detail these attempts.  Your input is always appreciated!
        My exhaust pipes were kaput - I gave in and took it to the shop
      Don't let this happen to your wiring!
      Replacing the muffler with a nice shiny NOS one
      Swapping out the engine (and cleaning up the engine bay in the process)
      Adjusting the valve clearances
      A troublesome engine noise  (this page is old but still of interest)
      What is the point of this window sticker?

The Coupe is included in a popular videogame.  See pictures from the game here.

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